CCK08 First connections

(photo by yewenyi)

On the second day of  course activities, I’m reflecting about what is going on.

I like observing what is happening in our Moodle forum and I’m trying to draw some impressions:

some of us are inviting friends living in the same area to take part to the course, (as I did with Italia Castiglione, ) Hakon and Carlos from Reykjavik both received invitation and they’re going to drink a coffee together while discussing on the course… This, in my view, reflects the metaphor of the “little boxes” (see the first week essay by Barry Wellman

Some other people  are looking for guys they already know, who have met before (in real life) or online, belonging to their personal network (as I did with Antonio Fini).  

Some other people are “connecting” to other learners just because they share some common grounds and so are adding new links to their social network, as Sinikka from Finland has done with me!

I think that all this has also to do with learning. I’m fascinating by comparing the dynamics of the forum and the typologies of communities described in the pdf document.

What about your impression?


3 responses to “CCK08 First connections

  1. Just finished some of this week’s reading and then dropped by a few blogs of other course participants. My first impressions resemble yours very much! You have observed similar patterns in the the Moodle forum introductions as I. Isn’t it interesting that people are still drawn to their familiar ‘little boxes’? Even I did this seeking out and saying hello to the few other Finns who have joined the course.

    My first strategy to navigate my way in the rather chaotic and overwhelming start of the course was to look for other language teachers in any country. I felt I needed to restrict and control my connectedness somehow – with such huge masses I wouldn’t be able to connect to everybody anyway. But after reading Barry Wellman’s paper that you refered to as well, I think I will try to be slightly more open and venture outside my little boxes a bit.

    Unfotunately been too busy to concentrate on writing my blog this week, but hopefully will find the time this coming weekend.
    Hope you still have some sunshine down in Sicily – here in the north rain keep pouring down every day!

  2. Hello!
    I agree with both, networking is important, but let’s grow outside the little boxes! In any case, I find almost impossible to follow the Moodle Forums. Too huge deluges… of opinions, rants, and sometime even hard opinions! I like best to follow people’s blogs. Next week perhaps I’ll join some subsriptions into a netvibes page; also I like tracking the tag cck08 with technorati and delicious. I love the pageflakes page: what do you think?
    BTW, one of you is in Sicily, and Sinikka in Finland, rIght? Well, I’m an Italian living in hot (especially in my apartment!) Puerto Rico! Here rain is fine: it helps refreshing the air!

  3. Sinikka and Antonio, I thank you both for your comments! Disregard the username 33settimane, I can’t change it now, I’m Laura, don’t worry 😉

    As regards the weather here in Sicily, it has been still very hot this week, average 35°C! Today some rain is refreshing the air and…our brains! It hasn’t been raining for months!
    I’ve got a Netvibes account but I haven’t collected CCK08 feeds, yet.
    Have a nice Sunday!

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