CCK08 – Rethinking the learning process


In his post yesterday, George Siemens expressed his consideration about the learning process. He focused on 2 levels: the content (the curriculum) and the framework. He underlined, also, the special nature of our course: it lacks a structured framework and this could generate some sense of discomfort (to use his words).


The image shows an over-simplified picture of what I’m expecting from the Course.   As I stated in my introduction on  the Moodle forum, I’m interested in this course because it offers chances to apply new learning strategies. As I signed up, I was aware that “content” was not so important for me. I want to explore how I adopt new learning styles in a new framework which encompasses content and people.

I’m not sure I will succeed, but I will reflect on the process.

Morevoer, what I’m going to learn will also have a direct consequence on the way I’m going to teach in the next years. What’s the teacher’s role, then? It’s not just providing “content” (subject matter), but also to enable each learner to make a personal framework, but… am I anticipating Week 9 discussion?

I’ve appreciated Sinikka’s post  on using Ning with her students. Sometimes our efforts to innovate could result in disappointment. I’m sure we will learn a lot more in the weeks to come. 



2 responses to “CCK08 – Rethinking the learning process

  1. Hi,
    I agree…the role of teacher will definitely evolve. We become then guides and gatekeepers for the network, teaching our students how to navigate the knowledge landscape. This research article, “Information Behaviour for the Researcher of the Future,” I thought goes a bit in this direction (if you are interested 🙂 :

  2. Thank you, Lisa Marie!!
    I’ll expand my…rhizome towards that direction 🙂

    I’m going to read the article (I see italso deals with libraries).
    Bye for now,

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