CCK08 – Irises



A field full of irises! How relaxing!  

Nobody would imagine what is happening underground: a chaotic, messy, intricated net of shoots, nodes, roots. I still remember the sense of disappointement that time when I uprooted a small flowerbed full of irises.  Nothing comparable with safe, full, intact tulip bulbs! Self-contained!

With this gardening analogy in mind, I started reading about the rhizomatic knowledge. At first the concept makes you feel not at ease. Maybe because we have been considering knowledge as something detached, separate like those single bulbs, with very short roots.

The idea of rhizomatic knowledge offers new insights that deserve more time for reflection. And it could also be useful to explain the dynamics inside Communities of Practice (traditionally represented instead with concentric or overlapping circles). I’m not an expert in this field and I’d like to explore this aspect in the future.



One response to “CCK08 – Irises

  1. another great analogy for me to add to the list… It was hour upon hour sitting in my garden fighting the bishop’s weed that finally prompted me to write the article… more as a form of therapy I think 🙂

    thanks for sharing your reflection. d.

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