Monthly Archives: October 2008

CCK08 – The exclamation mark and the asterisk

The exclamation mark and the asterisk: in the middle of the night this analogy came to my mind when I was thinking about groups and networks. After reading Stephen Downes’ “That Group feeling“, I’ve been considering the groups I’ve belonged to and the emotions related to them.

Groups to me are like the exclamation mark in written language. An exclamation mark emphasizes emotions, underlines passion, the sense of belonging, it closes a sentence and sets the boundaries.

Compare its assertiveness with the “openness” of the asterisk often used as a wildcard character, when we search files  *.*

Like networks, the asterisk for me symbolizes openness, creativity, imagination and diversity: I’ve followed with interest the thread Passion versus reason in our Moodle forum.

 I’ve just read Wendy’s post and appreciated her clear image about groups and networks. 

As an educator, I feel the need to cultivate team spirit in class not neglecting, however, a more powerful resource for the 21st century learners: a network of different connected people.  Still reflecting on the best ways to implement it…